ASHWORTH Spring/Summer 2024 Collection - Where Creativity Transcends between "PRO GOLF" and "CITY GOLF"

ASHWORTH Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Where Creativity Transcends between "PRO GOLF" and "CITY GOLF"


Step into spring and summer, it's the season to indulge in sports and sweat. ASHWORTH, the trendsetting sportswear label, reveals the Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The “PRO GOLF” collection is designed for golfers who pursue enhanced performance on the course. Featuring two themes - "Floral Patterns" and "Typography Forms," the collection injects a playful design with logos and vibrant colors into high-performing fabrics, offering you comfort and setting the hottest trends of the season. The "CITY GOLF" collection incorporates impeccably crafted details with functional designs, breaking the stereotype and treating golf as a part of the lifestyle.


PRO GOLF - Adding boldness and vibrancy to the course


The "Floral Patterns" theme selects exquisite elements from natural blooms, with a black and white that highlights the avant-garde style of the greens. Full digital prints showcase an overall sense of advanced craftsmanship.



The " Typography Forms " theme draws inspiration from golf logos, combining artistic geometric lines. It incorporates shades of green and aquamarine or magenta with violet, perfectly presenting the vibrant spirit of the golf course. By adding a lively and playful touch to the overall visual, it creates refreshing and energetic visual surprises.




Balancing performance and design - Ideal choice for golf enthusiasts


Empowered by high-tech materials EVENT®️ FABRIC, a patented technology from the United States known as "breathable fabric", PRO GOLF’s waterproof jackets offer protection against wind, water, and sunlight, ensuring breathability and softness. allowing the active ones to explore the world freely.

 The jackets adopt an understated yet stylish herringbone pattern fabric that emphasizes details within a balanced cut, suitable for both daily office wear and leisure activities.


CITY GOLF – Reveals an effortless statement of style indoors and outdoors


ASHWORTH excels in the performance of golf appeal, introducing the innovative CITY GOLF collection this season. By incorporating Japanese fabrics and transforming materials and designs, the collection offers three-dimensional cuts and sleek color combinations, making it suitable for casual and trendy fashion choices. Even when you stay indoors or go outdoors, CITY GOLF exudes refinement and comfort to the fullest.


Men's clothing features a slim fit cut that suits the Asian physique, revealing an effortless

statement of style. women's clothing exudes elegance with its fitted or cropped

silhouettes, taking sophisticated elegance to a new level. You can step out of the office

and onto the golf course anytime with ASHWORTH outfits! high-performance

and extremely comfortable City Golf apparel series enters everyday life this spring and




Accessories with unparalleled creativity


ASHWORTH's Spring/Summer 2024 collection offers accessories with lively and playful logo designs, adding infinite fun to the game. From whimsical golf bags to tote bags, the refreshing designs enhance the sporty impression and can be paired with various styles. They are the perfect choice for daily use or gifts for the ones.



ASHWORTH is committed to providing professional golfers and enthusiasts with top-notch apparel that goes beyond the boundaries. The Spring/Summer 2024 collection turns sports into a lifestyle attitude, allowing us to enjoy the freedom of movement on the golf course, and flaunt their sophisticated beauty in everyday life.




The strength of its quality and style, and the determination of a deeply talented design have ASHWORTH poised to develop functional golf and leisure apparel for both men and women. Meanwhile, the brand has committed to promoting golfing in Hong Kong and has been actively involved in supporting young golf players. The brand has sponsored the Golf Association of Hong Kong, China for several years. ASHWORTH is proud to sponsor the China Hong Kong golf team with custom-designed, highly functional uniforms to compete on the field and achieve remarkable results.

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